A unique course to help couples overcome financial problems, set goals and create an amazing future together.



Does this sound like your relationship?

You have been together for a while and you are a happy couple....but there's just one problem.


You're just not on the same page

Either one of you is spending too much while the other one is nagging or you have different ideas about how your money should be spent

If you and your partner are always fighting about money, you're not alone

In fact, financial problems are one of the key reasons why couples separate.

But there's hope!

To help you and your partner become comfortable with money in your relationship, the financial experts at Creo Wealth have created a unique course

Why take this course on Finances for Couples?

If money is an issue in your relationship, if you want to stop fighting about money or if you simply want to achieve more together, this is the ideal course for you.


At the end of the six weeks,

you'll notice the following:


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Talking about money is easier

You and your partner can be open and honest about money

 Check Mark on Messenger You know where your money is going

You're both clear on what you're earning and spending each month

Check Mark on Messenger You have a plan to get out of debt

Work towards full disclosure and make a plan together to move forward

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 You understand how your partner sees money

Get to know your partners inbuilt beliefs when it comes to earning and spending money

Check Mark on Messenger You have the same financial goals

This course will help you identify what you both really want so you can work towards it

Check Mark on Messenger An exciting future awaits

Once you have overcome your financial roadblocks,you'll be able to plan big things

Say Goodbye to Financial Frustration as a Couple

You'll find these sessions to be fun, empowering and insightful

This is a judgement free zone!

We look forward to helping you build an exciting financial future together


Financial Course for Couples:

What You'll Learn

This personalised course is divided into 6 parts to help you and your partner stop fighting over money.

Each session is aimed at helping you overcome your specifical financial problems.


Here’s what this course covers:


Your Relationship With Money

Identify how you both perceive and value money 


Wants vs Needs

Establish what's important in your relationship and your life


Money Fears

Figure out what your fears are when it comes to money


Budgets and the ‘Dollar Date Night’

Learn how to come together and talk comfortably about money in your relationship


Taking Back Control

Review your expenses and get in control of your spending


Setting Goals Together

Overcome your financial problems and find unity


The Big Next Steps

What to do once you’re both on the same page

How it Works


Created by Creo Wealth, this unique course is focused on you and your partner to overcome financial problems and stop fighting about money so you can create a stable future together.

Your course includes: 

  • Weekly modules to help you overcome financial obstacles as a couple
  • Interactive live sessions on Zoom that you can submit questions to anonymously
  • An exclusive, one on one call with a financial adviser from Creo Wealth for up to 45 mins
  • Access to an exclusive closed Facebook group where you can post questions and get advice from others

About Your Trainers


This unique course is brought to you by Kylie and Anthony Sultana from Creo Wealth.

Creo Wealth are financial advisers with a difference.

While other operators focus on retirees, we aim to empower people of all ages and from all backgrounds.

We have witnessed the incredible results that take place when you take control of your finances in your 20s, 30s and 40s rather than your late 50s.

You deserve to live your dream life… and it all starts with a healthy relationship, firstly with your partner as an individual and secondly when it comes to money.


Learn How to Speak Each Other's

Money Language

Improve your relationship and set financial goals together

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