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Do You Know How To Speak Your Partner’s Love Money Language?

What’s hot: financial freedom. 

What’s not: silently struggling.

So, you’ve been together for a while now, and to onlookers you’re the perfect couple.
But there’s a problem...
There’s a fire of resentment smouldering away.

The cause: money.

You’re not alone; according to Relationships Australia research, financial stress is the number one cause of relationship breakdown
Don’t be a statistic; we can help you get on track, together.

Our doors open soon, you in?


Adulting can be hard, right?


Financial adulting...arghh.
Decisions. Responsibility. Juggling.

It’s hard, right? Put another person into the mix and things can become tense.

Quite often your partner has differing goals, aspirations, and priorities. But there’s just one pool of money, and it needs to be divided. So. Many. Ways.

Some days, it can feel like you’re robbing Peter to pay Paul and never really making traction. It’s all-consuming, infuriating, and deflating. Money can be an extremely emotional topic; one that can have you feeling like you’re getting judged with every spending choice you make.

Naturally, you deal with this stress one of two ways: you take it out on the only other person who actually understands your struggle--your partner, or, you shield your partner from the financial burden altogether, and carry the weight of managing the money alone.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Your partner in crime should be an ally not an opponent, and your money should be a tool not a weapon.

We can help.

Tired of juggling the finances alone?

We have a better solution


Burn the barriers

How much relief would be to to remove the shield and feel the relief of sharing the financial load? To enjoy a non-judgmental space where you can sit together and work out where you are right now vs where you want to be? Think of the sleep you could enjoy at 3am instead of staying awake silently stewing on all that money stuff alone.


Set yourself up for success

What does success look like for you? What about your partner? Have you ever had an open honest discussion about what you’re both working towards? Or have you both been winging it? You’re not alone if you’ve been navigating the financial path alone, but we know from experience that you’ll get to destination success if you set the roadmap together. 


Take your relationship to the next level

Do you know what happens when your partner becomes an ally instead of an opponent? You smash goals together. You become an unstoppable force. You become happy. Let’s face it, relationships have so many other factors to contend with everyday, why would you want to add financial stress to the mix if you don’t have to? 

What would financial freedom look like for you?

  • Imagine yourself in twelve weeks from now...where will you be? Setup with mapped out goals and making progress towards them?
  • What about in a year from now...where will you be? Smashing through your debt and building the foundations of a nice little savings nest egg?
  • What about in five years from now...where will you be? Reaping the rewards from your savings efforts on your dream holiday?

Orrrr...still where you are right now?

Or even worse…

Think about it, what will the impact be to your bank balance and relationship if you don’t make a change now?


Made for couples, by a couple:

Hi, we’re Kylie and Anthony Sultana, and together we run a financial planning practice in Penrith, NSW, called Creo Wealth. Pleased to meet you.

Here at the practice, Anthony has the role of Principal Advisor and Lover of Numbers. While I (Kylie) enjoy the role of Practice Manager and educating other couples who’re in the throws of building a relationship, while simultaneously creating financial freedom.

We’ve walked the path you’re walking now--we get it.

See, Anthony’s a hardcore saver, and in the past this skill has conflicted with my superpower: spending. I’m not going to lie, for a while there, it was rough. While Anthony couldn’t relate to my unrelenting passion for shoes, I couldn’t understand why he persisted on squirrelling away every penny we’d worked so hard for.

There had to be a middle ground.

After years of working through our finances together, I’m proud to say we have a nice little retirement nest egg put away, while still enjoying little splurges along the way.

Now we teach other couples how to do the same.

Money is complex and there’s a lot of emotions attached…in fact, it’s rare for any two individuals to share the exact same values and ideas about spending, saving, and building a financial future.

But when you start having honest conversations with your partner it can open up a whole new world for you together.

We’ve witnessed the incredible results when you take control of your finances in your 20s, 30s, and 40s, rather than leaving it until your late 50s. We want to see those results for more couples.

You deserve to live your dream life...this starts with a healthy (money) relationship with your partner.

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As seen in:

Let’s take the taboo out of the topic:

You already know that a strong and healthy relationship is based around trust, honesty, and transparency. So why is it so hard for us to implement these principles when it comes to our finances?

Spoiler alert: we know the answer. It’s because for so many years money has been viewed as an icky subject. Something that should be kept private and to one's self. Sound familiar?

Here’s the truth: money isn’t icky--it’s a tool.

There’s no shame in having too little, or too much--ultimately it comes down to your goals as a couple. And there’s definitely a way you can work together to manage your money, so you can both kick goals, and enjoy it--minus the stress and judgement.

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What’s included:

  • Weekly modules to help you overcome financial obstacles as a couple

  • Interactive live sessions where you can submit questions anonymously

  • An exclusive one-on-one call with a financial adviser from Creo Wealth

  • Access to a members-only Facebook group




Our online course will have you whispering sweet money nothings into each other's ears (and bank accounts) in six weeks. Promise.



Week #1: speed dating

Let’s avoid the awkward blind dating scenario and get to know each other. We want to know where we can help, where you’re struggling, and where you’re smashing life. What’s your money story?


Week #2: conversation starters

It’s time to break the ice and start talking about the untalkable: money. What’s your money personality, and what do you want to achieve out of this amazing life you’re living? Do you want to start saving more, or would you like to start seeing some reward for all your hard work (minus the guilt)?


Week #3: dirty talk

Everyone has to start somewhere, right? This is the perfect opportunity to take a peek into what your finances look like right now, so you can set goals and look back at your progress over the coming weeks, months, and years.


Week #4: date night

Getting down and dirty with spreadsheets requires lubrication *did we just say that?*. We meant the food and refreshments kind, get your mind out of the gutter. Plan the perfect romantic evening, so you can sit together and pour all your dreams out on the table.


Week #5: size matters

Whoops, there we go again with the innuendos--told you we weren’t typical (boring) financial advisers. Week five is all about the bigger picture: super, insurance, investing, estate planning. You know, all the important stuff other people leave till it’s too late to plan. 


Week #6: turn it up

You’ve made it, baby! There’s no stopping you from here. But, we know that by the time you get here you’ll be thirsty for more--having the feeling of financial success kinda has that effect on you. So, let’s talk about how you can take your newfound plans for financial freedom to a whole new level.


Bonus #1: guest masterclass with expert family lawyer

Bonus #2: guest masterclass with expert mortgage broker

Bonus #3: guest masterclass with expert property advisor

Bonus #4: guest masterclass with expert accountant




There’s nothing sexier than a solid relationship.

‘Cept maybe a solid relationship with a solid bank account. 


Look, it’s not about trusting us; we help couples with their finances everyday--we get results. Ultimately, it’s about trusting yourself and your relationship. It’s about knowing that you need a change bad enough to do the work. It’s about knowing that staying awake at 3am silently stewing over your finances isn’t sustainable.

It’s about knowing that you (and your partner) deserve more.

How do I know if we're ready?

Perfect for you if:

  • You’re ready for change
  • You’re sick of arguing over money
  • You want to plan for financial success
  • You want to reward yourself for hard work
  • You want to strengthen your relationship
  • You’re ready to show up and do the work

Not for you if:

  • You’re comfortable in your rutt
  • You enjoy your daily bickering over spending
  • You’re happy flying blind. All. The. Time
  • You enjoy the feeling of buyer’s remorse
  • You’re happy with your relationship
  • You plan on getting rich overnight
I'm Ready

We think we're pretty awesome, but don't take our word for it...

James Parnwell

Great people, genuine, down to earth and honest as the day is long. Highly recommend!

Axel Krunska

When you need professional advice on financial matters it is important to have a professional, guide you to better understand your options and how to achieve your goals. Anthony and Kylie provide this information and engage you to better understand your wealth building visions with clear explanations.

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Love and Money

How To Speak Your Partner’s Love Money Language


It’s a very exciting time for us here at Creo Wealth, and we want to invite you to our celebration. Typically we implement these strategies one-on-one...this is a beta launch of our new online course.

We want to celebrate with you with a very special (never to be seen again) introductory price.

Even better than that, being a beta student means you’ll get unprecedented access to the facilitators and guest experts, as well as a chance to shape the course. So you’ll actually get a say in how we help you and your partner.

Priceless right?

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Jump on the waitlist for free today


If you choose to sign up when course opens

  • Weekly modules to help you overcome financial obstacles as a couple
  • Interactive live sessions where you can submit questions anonymously
  • An exclusive one-on-one call with a financial adviser from Creo Wealth

  • Access to a members-only Facebook group

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The best buying decision you’ll make

You don’t need to be a certified bean counter to realise this is a solid investment--I mean, a one-on-one consultation with one of our Creo Wealth advisors starts at $330. This course delivers six weeks of practical strategies that will not only improve your finances, but also your relationship--and friend, you can’t put a price on that.

Think about it, you could make this your last unplanned splurge (your credit card bills will thank you), or you can do nothing. I wonder, which option will actually cost you more in the long run?




Yes! A 100% Money Back Guarantee

We understand the value of a hard-earned dollar (duh), so if you don't feel like we're a match made in heaven by the end of module two, then we'll gladly refund your money, and part ways. ** Refunds must be requested in writing and meet our refund policy

 See our refund policy here

Got Qs? Great, cos we got As!

More awesome feedback...

Natalie Kessell

Anthony and Kylie put finance into everyday speak so that the experience of managing your money and making it work for you is not daunting in the slightest. They listen to what you want to achieve and help you get to those goals without needing to get rid of the joys in life to do so. It is always a pleasure dealing with this couple and the fact that it is a family run business is an added bonus! Thanks Creo Wealth!

Rinshu Jain

Anthony and Kylie are great at what they do. Sound advice and very professional. Highly recommended.